Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dedovshina - all fine here?

Well, it was not easy to find translation to Russian definition of "dedovshina" - but some of translators use the word "hazing" for this matter.

Almost all youth from Russia, who must at 18 go to army knows what is it. Dedovshina means that newcomers will fill violence on herself from "old-timer" soldiers.

All parents fill scare, when their son must duty back to motherland, because every day we hearing about new cases of dedovshina. Sometimes violence in the army very hard.

In last year Andrey Sychyov was beat almost an inch of his life. It made his fellow-soldier on New Year's night. He was drunk and it was the one reason to beat Andrey.

Andrey almost died at an military hospital, but women from "Soldier's mothers" had found him and asked for help journalists from democratic newspaper. The incident had shocked the country.

In Moscow doctors had amputate him all bellow waist. He will never have the own children.

Few weeks later one more incident. Roman Rudakov, like Sychyov, was beat by his fellow. Very long time his life was between life and death.

Russian military officeholders thinking, that dedowshina - isn't big problem for army. They just does not want to see, how it awful. More over, they escalate situation.

In last month from St. Petersburg had came information that officers compels solders to raise money on soldiers prostitution.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Russian Elections. All as expected

As, maybe listeners know, some of Russians regions had elected their parliaments on Sunday. In most of them (13 of 14) wined pro-kremlin party - "Edinaya Rossiya" (United Russia).

Alexander Vishnyakov from Central Elective Commission had said that about 46% gave their votes for United Russia. It means, a half of Russians support Putin's policy, because elective campaign of "Bears" (as them calling in Russia for bear on logo) was with words "We are for Russia, we are for President".

Russian Communists have the second place on elections with 15.7%. Ideology of this party still very popular here, but most of voters are not young people.

The third place borrowed "Spravedlivaya Rossiya" - Just Russia. Their score 11.7%, but it not much, if heed "administrative resource" they had.

Last several months Russian mass media all the time had promoted United and Just Russia. Banners with Putin and Gryslov, Putin and Mironov were everywhere in the cities.

December's elections at State Parliament will not different from the last elections analysts suppose.

It's very bad news for liberals - there is no forces in current parliament which could perform their interests. Next parliament, all appearance will without democrats too.

First post in Russian Mirror blog

Well, this is first message of Russian Mirror blog. Here I would like to tell listeners about news and current affairs in Russia and practice my english :)